ERA FILM has produced films by:

Masha Novikova (The Netherlands)

Masha Novikova was born in 1956 in Moscow, USSR. She studied pedagogy at the University of Moscow. And later worked as a teacher Russian language and literature. In Kazachstan she worked as a director-assistant in a German drama theater. Short before the fall of the Berlin Wall she came to the Netherlands, since then she has been living and working in Amsterdam. First Masha Novikova worked as interpretot and as a teacher Russian. She also worked as a guide in the 'Szar Peter House' in Zaandam. Later Masha started to work as an executive producer for Dutch television. At the same time she studied by Stefan Mayakowski at the 'Kunstweb' camera, script writing and filmdirection. Since the year 2000 she also started to film herself, she worked with mini-dv as the second film photographer for several documentaries. In 2005 she directed her first film 'Fallen Engel', documentary about traffic in East -European women who were brought to the Netherland to work as prostitues. Before making 'Three Comrades' Masha Novikova did some earlier work in Chechnya for documentary by Leo de Boer entitled 'Train to Grozny'. That was in April 2000, just after Grozny's total destruction. Driven by a feeling of shame about her own country, she has felt very much involved with the Chechnyan war ever since. In 2002 Masha Novikova did some shooting in Grozny for Jos de Putter's film 'Dance Grozny Dance'.In addition, she did several film reports on Chechnya. She also worked in 2003 with Amnesty International on a film about Lidya Yusupova, who won the Martin Ennals prize in Geneve


Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri (Italy)

Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri was born and educated in Rome (diploma in sound engineering at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and degree in Film History at Sapienza University).
Her experimental films were shown in several festivals, including Rome Film Fest (IT), JI.HLAVA International Documentary Film Festival (CZ), Exis Festival in Seoul (KR), LE FIFA - International Festival of Films on Art (CA) and in museums and exhibitions, such as: MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome, MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, MAMbo, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in Bologna, La Casa del Cinema di Roma, Palazzo dei Congressi of Rome, Polo del 900 in Turin and Iuav Venice University (IT).

In 2015 she won Casa Rossa Art Doc Prize at Bellaria Film Festival and in 2019 Best Subject for Documentary Film at Premio Solinas 2019 (IT).


Mindaugas Meškauskas (Lithuania)

Mindaugas Meškauskas is an award-wining Lithuanian TV director and scriptwriter. For over 25 years, he has worked with major Lithuanian TV channels to create, challenge, provoke and tell compelling stories that attract and engage viewers. He has produced some of the biggest shiny-floor and music shows including XFactor, Lithuania’s Got Talent, M.A.M.A. Annual Music Award, as well as cultural documentaries and reality shows.  

Interested in photography and its methods since his teen years, Meškauskas has studied  historic and alternative techniques, eventually discovering the singular appeal of wet plate collodion and historical photographic methods, a stark contrast to fleeting, temporary TV imagery.



Audrius Mickevičius (Lithuania)

15 10 1965 - 19 12 2017

Gained education as architect at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Gained also education of Art and visual communication at the Royal Danish School of Educational Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Multidisciplinary artist (film, video art, architecture, sound,  music, graphics, writing), professor at the Department of Photography and Media Arts at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania, guest lecturer at the European Universities.

Nerijus Milerius (Lithuania)

Nerijus Milerius is a scriptwriter, philosopher and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vilnius University, Lithuania. He is teaching film philosophy, religious cinema, cultural studies and aesthetics. He is the editor and one of the authors of the monograph “Film and Philosophy” and the author of the monograph “Apocalypse in Cinema: The Philosophical Presuppositions” (Vilnius University Press, 2013). Milerius is an author or co-author of several scripts for feature films, such as “Isaac” (director Jurgis Matulevičius) to be released in 2019; “Antigonė” (director Oskaras Koršunovas) which is in development. Milerius was the script editor of the documentary film “Exemplary Behaviour”; from 2017 he is the co-director of this film.

Giedrė Narušytė Boots (Lithuania/Belgium)

is a scenographer, theatre maker, audio-visual artist, animation director and animator. In 1995 she graduated in Scenography at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania and moved to Belgium, where she continued her studies at KASK Ghent (Royal Academy of Fine Arts). For two decades she took part in different interdisciplinary art projects. She made installation art and exhibited her works in: ‘Wisselstukken '94’ Multimedia Projects in Amster­dam; 'Asile pour inadaptés' in Charleville-Mézières, France; ‘Kitsch &’ Gentse Feesten in Ghent; project ‘Op weg’ with four exhibitions in different towns in Belgium.

The following years Giedrė Narušytė Boots focused on children’s theatre. Together with Bob Van de Putte she made improvisations with actors, puppets, shadow puppets and live music. They experimented with all kinds of ways of storytelling, avoiding the use of language as the main source of communication. Children’s plays without linguistic barriers were successfully played all around Belgium for Flemish- and French-speaking children.

In 2013 she started studying animation film at the School of Arts in Ghent, Graduated with Master degree in 2018. Animation is a great challenge to convert her experience in visual and interdisciplinary arts into film language. 


Miglė Satkauskaitė (Lithuania)

In 2011 Ms Satkauskaite started studying filmmaking at London Middlesex University. Before starting the BA in Film, Migle attended flute class in a Kaunas music conservatory. The higher music education became an important factor shaping her creative work.   As an exchange student, Migle spent one year in FAMU International school in Prague. 

The interest in politics and social issues led her to Afghanistan where she was teaching documentary filmmaking and International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva as an AV producer. 


Maciej Drygas (Poland)

Film and radio director, screenwriter, producer, professor and lecturer at the Polish National Film School in Lodz. He has won awards at numerous international festivals, including: the Prix Italia in 1992 for the radio documentary “My Last Will”, a Felix in 1991 for the best documentary film in Europe for “Hear My Cry”. Maciej J. Drygas’s films and radio documentaries have been broadcasted in Europe, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Brazil and Australia.










History & Vision

Established in Vilnius in 2001 by the Lithuanian producer, Rasa Miskinyte, ERA FILM is known for producing award winning international documentary films.

Recently ERA FILM entered a new era with an additional focus on animation, feature films, transmedia projects.

ERA FILM focuses on creativity, strong stories with a human impact and a high level of execution. 

ERA FILM made films in co-production with France, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Spain. Have co-produced or cooperated with such broadcasters as: MDR (Germany), NHK (Japan), TG4 (Ireland), BBC-NI (UK), AVRO (The Netherlands), YLE (Finland), TVP2 (Poland), Belsat TV (Poland/Belorusia), ERR (Estonia), DR (Denmark), SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway), TSR (Switzerland) 



Rasa Miskinyte

Managing Director / Producer

Rasa Miskinyte first graduated with a degree in Engineering. She also holds a Master’s degree from Lithuanian Music Academy, Film and TV Department as a Producer and graduated from the European Film College in Denmark. Rasa has worked as Commissioning Editor for Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT), produced and co-produced several award-winning documentary films. From 2010-2012 she was the Chairman of the Lithuanian Producers’ Association. Since 2013 she is the board memeber of Lithuanian Producers’ Association, and board member of Lithuanian Film Academy.

Languages of communication: Lithuanian / Russian / English


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